Friday, January 22, 2010

Winging On Kyle

More evidence of the "Party of No"
"...the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, working with the Secretary of the Treasury and other agency heads, to evaluate practices of contracting officers and debarring officials in response to contractors’ certifications of serious tax delinquencies and to provide me, within 90 days, recommendations on process improvements to ensure these contractors are not awarded new contracts, including a plan to make contractor certifications available in a Government-wide database, as is already being done with other information on contractors"

The problem is that the Cabinet members got the benefit of the doubt (well, these four did — Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer weren’t so lucky; two out of six ain’t bad?) whereas ordinary citizens and companies don’t always benefit from such IRS understanding.
President Obama institutes a policy of more accountability from the people who spend our tax dollars and the response from the conservative voice of the Atlanta Journal Constitution is it is an illegitimate action!

Do we need more evidence that the only stance of the core of the Republican Party is "HELL NO"?


TL said...

whereas ordinary citizens and companies don’t always benefit from such IRS understanding.

If wingnuts and fair taxers weren't so committed to the idea that the IRS is a group of jack-booted thugs, they'd never write such transparent non-sense.

In 2007, I forgot to pay any taxes on a substantial piece of income. Just straight up forgot; nobody's fault but mine. When the IRS brought it to my attention a year later, I ended up paying a few hundred dollars in interest and with a short letter of explanation, the IRS waived thousands of dollars in penalties.

I'd call that pretty understanding. And I'm a pretty ordinary guy.

Unknown said...

TL, I'd say your a lucky guy. In 2006 Social Security had incorrect information on my 1099 from them. I told them (for about the 3rd time) and they fixed it in their system So, when the IRS told me I owed them $2,000 because of it. I fought it. The problem is the only evidence that they will accept is a revised 1099 form which Social Security will not give me. I requested it so many times they literally told me to stop coming by because it was a waste of my time. Two arms of the same Government who can't or won't communicate with each other to fix an error that was their own fault. So, yeah I think the sytem as a whole is a bunch of jack-booted thugs. Bureaucracy at its finest.

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