Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Football Open Thread

It's a boring afternoon but the fixtures are only an hour away.

I've attracted a few football fans so I thought I would give them an open thread near the top to taunt each other.

I've spent the past hour reading the sordid history of a friend's beloved Leeds United.

Now I await the Blackburn - Everton match.

Of course Fox Soccer Channel is showing Chelsea - Middlebrough. They always show Chelsea. Bah!


griftdrift said...

Schevchenko scores his first EPL goal. Chelsea is just ridiculously good.

Sara said...

I was going to ask WTF is a fixture but I gather it is a soccer, er, football thing.

griftdrift said...

I'm becoming a soccer snob.

Sara said...

Nah, really? I hadn't noticed.

griftdrift said...


Boro scores in the 90th minute to take the lead over Chelsea! What an upset!

Meantime, the Rovers allowed a goal in the 84th minute to let Everton tie it up.

Button Gwinnett said...

Awww hayell! I thought you'se talkin' bout "football." ;-)

Anonymous said...

I can't say I blame Fox though - on paper, Chelsea should be stupid good. What better way to capitalize on the remnants of WC interest than to continually show a team that's practically the 2006 World Cup All-Star team?

Here's a bit of topical trivia... For those that like the football vs. "football" debate - where does the term soccer come from?

Anonymous said...

Two days I would consider missing work - September 13th and November 21.

Celtic vs. Man Utd in Champions League Group F play.

Granted, these aren't the same undefeated Bhoys from a couple of years ago, and they always tank in European play, but they did just sign the man with the most intriguing last name from the WC - Jan Vennegoor-of-Hesselink.