Monday, November 06, 2006

The Endorsements - Ballot Issues

We seem to have a predilection for amending our already bloated constitution. It bothers me. For that reason, my default position on any amendment is no and then I try to see if there is any way I can be pulled to a yes.

Amendment I, To Restrict The Use Of Eminent Domain - YES: The one amendment where practically everyone agrees. After the horrific Kelo decision nothing may be more important than protecting property rights from the tentacles of government. What makes this amendment shocking is the legislature actually got one right! This may be the one that when you cast your vote you will feel all warm and fuzzy.

Amendment II, To Protect The Tradition Of Hunting and Fishing - NO: If you are a regular reader, you already know my struggle with this one. In the end, I reverted to my default position. This amendment is useless. Few things bother me more than useless law. It's also a political stalking horse used by certain segments to scare monger the populace to the poll on the assumption that hunters and fishermen will vote their way. That type of political pandering should not be rewarded. Don't let something that we love become a political pawn. Vote no.

Amendment III, To Dedicate Revenue From Special License Plates - NO: GAH! What an abomination! License plates should have one purpose. Identification. Period. They should be utilitarian and that is it! If this thing passes how many bajillion different "causes" will line up at the prison machine shop to have their own special plate pressed? Talk about pandora's box! This is an easy one. Vote for common sense. Vote for government doing what it needs and nothing more. Vote no.

Referendums A-F, Exemptions on taxes to certain classes of individuals - NO on all: I promise you that I am not an uncaring, hard ass. I love farmers, veterans, old people, charities and peace officers. However, at a time that we should be looking for ways to simpify our tax code, we seem hell bent on giving new exemptions to every group that gives our hearts a sympathetic tug. Take a stand for simpler tax codes and vote no on all referenda. Trust me. No one will think you are a meanie.

I think that's it. I hope my thoughts have been a little helpful. But however you feel or lean, get your ass out and vote. It's just too damned important.


Blackjackk said...

Glad you came to your senses on Amendment II. I am absolutely no hunter or fisherman but respect the rights for those who engage in those "sports."

However, Amendment II is a piece of crap, get the righties out to vote piece of garbage. Hope common sense rules as the last I looked - we live in Georgia!!! Like huntin' & fishin' are really in danger... puh-leeze.

Feel free everyone to vote for A-F. I love how the pols want to simplify taxes but hand out more tax breaks then blow jobs backstage at the Def Leppard concert. Hey, if it gets voted in, it will just keep my little ol CPA license that much more valuable.

griftdrift said...

You know I've always wanted to put you out of work. ;)

Blackjackk said...

Well - you could've put Steve Forbes in office a few years ago and that might have done it... Your loss!