Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thoughts On Florida

I won't be doing Florida endorsements. Even though I spend an inordinate amount of time in the sunshine state, I am a resident of Georgia and making calls on their races just makes me feel like a carpetbagger.

But I do have some thoughts.

Charlie Crist is going to win. Probably by around 5 points. Both Crist and Davis are fine men. They could be the models for what the national parties should be. Floridians are lucky to have such a quality choice. Lord knows, we Georgians would fall to our knees and raise our arms to the heavens if our candidates were even half as nobe.

Joe Negron may pull it out in the 16th. He's run a hell of a campaign in the final weeks and Democrat Tim Mahoney ran a risky low profile campaign. I think Mahoney was counting on Foley being on the ballot ushering him in. The risk was lack of name recognition. Hell, I follow Florida politics and three days ago and I couldn't tell you Mahoney's name. It's going to be close but I think that this district isgerrymandered way too conservative for Mahoney to pull it off. Even if he does? Negron takes it back in two years.

Gosh, I will miss Katherine Harris. The only difference between Katherine Harris and George Allen is Kitty never had a chance to win. But that didn't keep her down! Not even lack of "pink sugar" could keep her down! Harris was rocket fuel for this blog. After today, she will finally be exorcised to the Republican hinterlands. Still, I'm going to keep the sad clown picture around just in case.

That's all I got for now. Good luck Florida. Have a safe, fun election. That emotion may sound a little overwrought. But it is Florida.

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