Tuesday, November 14, 2006

There Was Much Rejoicing In The Land

The only joy in a 5-5 season!

UPDATE: The Lakeland Ledger is reporting that an FSU booster negotiated the settlement, i.e. blood money, to arrange Jeffys "resignation".


Button Gwinnett said...

I gotta say, as someone who grew up a rock's throw from Tally and a longtime admirer of Bobby Bowden, I feel bad for him. I remember going to games when the only reason to go to Doak Campbell was to see the band. And Doak Campbell itself looked like something a couple of teenagers put together. Boy, that's all changed.

At the same time, he never should've hired his son. There's a reason why most public institutions don't allow nepotism and this was one of them. He couldn't fire his son, and so he couldn't make the best decision for his program.

It's a sad day.

Sara said...

I was a student at FSU back in the glory days when we beat every team by 45 points and I can proudly say that during my 4 years at FSU I was never at a game that we lost. (It helped that we never lost at home during those 4 years.) After having been at two games this season in which we played like miserable failures, and having watched last weekend's abomination, this move could not have come soon enough. I do recall saying to Griftdrift after the Clemson game that perhaps the only solace to a bad season would be finally being rid of Jeff for once and for all. At least we now have that upside.

I must say with some sadness that I think the time has perhaps come for Bobby to think about going to the beach as well. I think he is incredibly capable and still on top of his game, but the way he defended his son in the face of overwhelming evidence for 5 years that he was not capable of the job really makes wonder if he's just been there too long to recognize what is right for the program and the team.

I mean we get it Bobby, he's your kid and you're going to defend him against anyone. Obviously. But that's the point--THAT'S THE PROBLEM.

I don't know if Jeff really quit out of the goodness of his heart or if Bobby was told it had to happen...but I'm just happy it finally did.

Blackjackk said...

I hear David Shula is lining up to be Offensive Coordinator. He's awesome! :)