Monday, November 13, 2006


The federal government is now in the business of bailing out country clubs.

Yet when a businessman wanted to revive the struggling club, the U.S. Department f Agriculture, through its Rural Development branch, agreed to guarantee 90 percent of his $6 million loan.

Guess what. It didn't work and taxpayers shelled out almost $2 million.

Hey. We're just the gallery, paying to watch bloated government agencies duck hook an endless supply of balls at our heads. Will we ever follow common sense and get out of the way?

h/t: Peach Pundit

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Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

My my my. We sure have come a long way to save Tara since Scarlett had to don the poteers, sashay on up to the ATL and ply her wares to an imprisoned Cap'n Butler.

Although I guess she could just go right to Dallas Austin nowadays, long as he's out of those ireksome prisons too.

Send all those white collar bums to jail for chrissake.