Monday, November 06, 2006

The Endorsements - The Rules

Tomorrow's the big day! Others have made their endorsements. Check out the wide cross section of views at Rusty's, Amber's, Decaturguy's, Jace's and Chris Farris'.

Before I lay mine out everybody better understand a couple of ground rules.

The Mule Rule - For those of you non-Georgia readers, you may be shocked at the number of administrative positions that we elect. It's rather insane. In general, these are not policy makers. They can do very little without the legislature's permission. They manage teams of inspectors, work crews, clean up crews and enforcement agents. In a word, they are managers. For that reason, I almost always vote for the incumbent unless he breaks the mule rule. Unless he or she has been caught fornicating with a hitched mule they deserve to be re-elected.

The Pox Rule - My political philosophy tends towards libertarian. Yes, I am more of a left libertarian because I focus on the social rather than the fiscal, but the core philosophy is all the same. The best thing about having this viewpoint is that when both sides are jackasses, I still have somewhere to go. So, if the big guys have pissed me off? A pox on both their houses. I vote libertarian even if I disagree with that candidate on some issues.

Enough rules. On to the endorsements...

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