Friday, November 10, 2006

Wooten On Crack

I want some of what Jim Wooten is smoking.

History, and military historians, will be kind to Donald Rumsfeld. While Rumsfeld and his generals might, in retrospect, have made different decisions here and there, including Fallujah, his strategy was sound, his insistence that the United States not prepare to be an “occupation” army was wise, and his leadership was just what a nation at war needs.

I'm thinking he will be remembered more like Braxton Bragg.

Although he had some initial successes like the invasion of Kentucky, once he got there, he spent time installing a Confederate legislature and inaugurating his hand picked governer while his army lurched towards the decisive defeat at Perryville.

Following Chickamauga, he had a chance to wipe out the Union Army of the Tennessee but instead sat on Missionary Ridge intransigent in the belief his siege strategy would be successful right up to the day that Grant's forces routed him right off that hill.

He was so acrimonious that practically every subordinate hated him. In the end he had to be shuffled off to obscurity to prevent open rebellion in his own staff.

But at least he got a top notch military base named for him. Maybe Rumsfeld will get the same.


Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

They must be passing out the crack down on Marietta street in the AJC lobby or something.

The most popular/emailed story at the AJC right now is the one about
Shirley Franklin's response to the controversial ads. The response she made yesterday at the Commerce Club.

I was there. Shirley went OFF! She was furious. And that's no tabloidy exaggeration on my muckrakey part! But do you even see any inkling of The Passion of Shirley Franklin mentioned in their version of it? Their version that took two people to write and get to the masses almost 24 hours after it occured, was totally "punked" by a blogger, Peachtree Screed, too, just two after it happened.

No wonder the AJC can't sell papers anymore. Not only are their writers on crack or just plain too dull and bored for (good) words, they don't know a sexy story when they see it coming.

The Passion of Shirley Franklin (I love saying that!) should have been sprawled across the freakin' front page this morning. What dopes.

Anonymous said...

Great post.

Anonymous said...

The big win is just around the corner! Thanks Rummy