Friday, November 03, 2006

McCain Again

What a maverick.


Blackjackk said...

Let's all remember this when he panders to the moderates and tries to play this shit down in 2008.

Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

Yep. He's leaving a trail of disgust here in '06 for those who really, really liked him. We did. Honest! Heck, we may have even looked the other way when he had that '04 PDA-fest with W.

But now, we done moved on down the line, Mr. McCain. Wind done gone, hon. And I bet it's gonna just blow a lotta moderate Rs on over Rudy's way instead, 'less he too starts kissing Fundy ass real bad.

Heck, Rudy might already be doing so just that too, and maybe I just missed it.

Sara said...

John McCain is the only Republican candidate I have ever given money to in my life. And if I could take it back right now I absolutely would. He has not only lost even the shred of possibility of getting my vote, he's lost any modicum of respect I ever had for him.