Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Talking Dog Interview: Adam Stein

The Talking Dog has an excellent interview with Adam Stein, Vice President for Marketing of Terra Pass. Mr. Stein is obviously on one side of the climate change "debate" but his thoughts are certainly well reasoned. Especially this one.
But a key point is that there is no scientific debate -- there is not a single peer reviewed scientific journal article that disputes the reality of man-made climate change at this point...CO2 records go back 600,000 years, and there is now no alternative explanation-- in short, the "debate" is over. The only question is just how long it takes for most people to understand, and act on this.
Despite what you may hear in certain circles, the debate on man dramatically affecting the world-wide temperature is indeed over. It is now only a matter of discussing what are the potential consequences and, if needed, what are the potential solutions.

h/t: Joe

1 comment:

North Georgia Democrats said...


Discussing the consequences?

Discussing potential solutions?

Man, that's rich.

The consequences won't wait for a discussion. You and I will get to see them! Can't stop them. Ouch time.

We don't have a clue as to any solution!

I mean all that very kindly towards you.

I have no desire to imflame the debate on what if any future will be like for the human race.

The ability of humanity to suddenly control world change? (World meaning changing humanity from what it thinks is good behavior, undoing the damages done, and moderating all that.)

We are not going to find "a solution." We must, if we can, make as many adjustments as possible as soon as possible.

...and those will be too little and too late for too many.

Sorry I'm so down on humanity. I got a little jaded when we failed to install democracy and capitalism in Iraq.