Friday, February 02, 2007

You Put Your Candy In It

Georgia Legislator Judy Manning wants to ban marijuana flavored candy.

Time to roll in the clue machine. Rep. Manning? No one smokes pot because of the flavor. Now if some mad scientist were to gin up some candy flavored marijuana...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Griftin' Drifter....

Are you sure you want to oppose this?

I'm for legalization of pot and think that it is way less harmful than it's legal, winning, oppponent, alcohol.

But this feels wrong to me.

No Johnny Walker Red candy. No LSD candy. Etc, etc.

It's just wrong. If you want to argue that the remedy, legal-wise, is not wise. I could go there. But, please..............reconsider this broad stroke.

I wouldn't beg you this way but I think you're actually gaining a good audience. And that's a good thing, Just my impression. Plus I think you know better.