Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I met a very nice gentleman from Bloglanta tonight, I didn't recognize him, but I'm pretty sure I've had them here the whole time so my guilt is minimal.

But I have been bad. And there's something later which might can help me with that.

There are a few blogs who I have added to my little thing (the thing is that little list over to your right which actually is not just my thing but a thing me and a friend thought of and you can have if you want just email us and by us I mean me) but I forgot to add them to the main blogroll. And we are so drunk slack in the QA department, I'm not sure if my links have been picked up by all the powers that be technorati.

I Saw It On Ponce. I also love Egg McMuffins.

Rowland's Office. If you love the Braves and you don't read it, see Cable and Tweed.

Cable and Tweed. If love music and you don't read it, you're an idiot.

Gloria's Oversexed Mind. She's about to help me.

So that's it. I think I have everything covered. But if not, I'll get to it as soon as Gloria lets me up.


Unknown said...

Good to meet you, and keep up the good blog. I've lurked around a while now, posting as "Some Other Mike" outside the Google/Blogger domain.

Mike-El said...

Much love for Rowland's Office. And I've seen you there, S-O-M. I don't want to say it's an old fart site...but I love how everybody there is so old-school and there's not a lot of mind-numbing SABRE-speak. The vast majority of Office posters suffered through the 70s and 80s. We don't take anything for granted and there's little patience for bandwagon fans. My kinda Braves site.

Rich said...

Thanks a bunch for the love. And big congrats on the CL recognition!