Friday, October 05, 2007

What Is Goin' On: Casey Cagle Interview

Listen to a fascinating interview with Lt. Governor Casey Cagle on What Is Goin' On.

Lt. Governor Cagle addresses the state water plan (possibly the most important issue you've never heard about) and the Glenn Tax (you know that little thing everyone is talking about).

I'm going to spend some time researching Cagle's numbers on the amount of water the state receives. Never heard these before and I'm curious. You know the old saying about statistics.

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Unknown said...

I still remember when I took a class on infrastructure, we spent a week on water. The professor emphasized to us that there is as much water on earth as there has been since the dinosaurs. The real dilemma to deal with is how best to recycle what we get.

Then again, he also taught us the fundamental principle behind sewer systems: poop flows downhill.