Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Water Wars

Not 100 feet into the Moultrie City limits, a local radio talk show host was heard to say the following.
"Get ready for the water wars, folks. And Atlanta is the enemy."

It's a story as old as reckoning and I have a feeling it's about to get worse.


Sara said...

Driving through South Georgia this weekend, I was struck by how lush and green everything looked. There was standing water in many medians, and if there is a drought you certainly wouldn't know it from the full ponds on every farm.

I'm not saying we have a right to go and take some of that, just that it stood in stark contrast to the dire situation up here.

Fearless Leader said...

Water war, culture war, class war, race war, flag war ... the adjective changes, but for many people, it is always a matter of Atlanta versus "The Good People In The Rest Of Georgia."

Of course, what makes this different is that whats at stake is an actual commodity, not a set of ideals.

Anonymous said...

Well, they can have as much "war" as they want. We're have the population of the state and substantially more of the economic muscle.

Though, I'm not so sure why we're so concerned with Florida's water supply considering they have the longest coastline of any of the lower 48.

Perhaps they should have thought to build a few R-O plants when they realized that one of they major arteries of fresh water had to pass through the 9th most populous state in the union before it gets to them.

Anonymous said...

"We're half the population of the state"

I meant to say, before I made m'self look like a moron for not proofreading.

Anonymous said...

So which side gets the Mariner and which side gets Dennis Hopper and the Smokers?

Anonymous said...

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