Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Morning Wooten

I swear the fishwrapper is going to make me lose my mind.
While we’re in the business or renaming roads, schools, airports and other real estate, my recommendation to the Georgia General Assembly is that Thomas County in Southwest Georgia be renamed for the reknown pioneer Georgian, Clarence Thomas. It’s far too complicated to rename his birthplace, Chatham County. Deeds, contracts, records, etc.

Let's forget for a moment that Thomas County is already named for someone. For God's sake! It's not like they just pulled a name out of the air. No, let's instead let's try to wrap our brains around this pretzel logic.

A supposed small government conservative wants the General Assembly to waste the people's time for symbolism's sake by renaming something has had a name for over 175 years!

Maybe there's something in the water. Oh hell, I'm going to blame those idiots building snow on Stone Mountain. We're all going drought crazy.


EHT said...

Perhaps Thomas County should be the next county I write about at Georgia On My's been awhile since I did that.

BYW you did correctly identify my wordless image this week. It was the Alhambra and Irving did stay there for sometime. I'm glad you learned something. :) I always learn something when I stop by here.

Look for a post about Irving soon....he's the reason why we have a few myths in our history that folks swear are fact. Even so he could still write a damn fine story.

EHT said...

That should have been BTW not BYW. I really am too old to attempt "text speak". :)

Anonymous said...

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