Monday, October 08, 2007

Grady Update

Friday, I reported on a group of legislators including Sen. David Shafer who had filed a motion to unseal the records in the case of Murtagh vs. Fulton Dekalb Hospital Authority.

That afternoon, much to my surprise, I received an email that State Court Judge Wendy Shoob had moved very quickly and granted the motion.

Today, as the dust begins to settle from this lastest round of sparring, at least one side's view of the shenanigans involving the Murtagh case and the seal have emerged. Senator Shafer explains:

Everyone knows that Grady has problems. How can the trustees be expected to solve them if doctors or former doctors of the hospital can be jailed for talking with them? Who exactly is ”Grady” if not the trustees appointed to run it? Why on earth would “Grady” enter into a settlement that makes it a jailable offense for a doctor or former doctor to communicate with its trustees — without the trustees apparently even knowing about it? And why, with all of its problems, would
“Grady” be spending legal fees trying to jail a former doctor for allegedly talking to one of its own trustees?
I've always maintained the solution to the Grady crisis involves both money and restructuring. It's just a question of in what order. I still believe this is the case. However, with each new discovery, it becomes more apparent, the onion of mismanagement has to be peeled first. This is not the state being paternalistic, overbearing or unreasonable. It is simply good stewardship. The ball is now in Grady's court to show otherwise.

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