Monday, October 29, 2007

I Am The God Of Hellfire!

Apparently, some think a few glib remarks by moi could cause despair and destruction to the entire Democratic Party of Georgia.

Oh, if only it were so.

For the record, what I said about certain Democrats remaining on the sideline was opinion not fact. In came from the terribly greedy part of my soul which whispers "if you were in the same position given the circumstances, getting the hell out and taking care of numero uno would certainly be priority number one".

But that's just me. And I speak for no one but myself.

Now, back to my lair, where I will plan my next earth-shattering, paradigm shifting, swoon inducing, fainting couch inspiring utterance.

UPDATE: And another thing. It may not be an "informed opinion" but in my experience when politcians hang 'em up for good, in many cases it is because they are tired of the sludge wars and want to move on to something a little more rewarding.

And you know my opinion, informed or uninformed, you decide, of that? Good for them!

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Anonymous said...

He's just pissed about Josh. He'll get over it.