Sunday, October 14, 2007

Georgia Gang Howler Of The Week

A new feature.

Dick Williams: One of the Democrats problem nationally is their hard core left wing...[discussion of the primary challenges of Jim Marshall]...It's a problem in the Democratic party.

Phil Kent: It shows how crazy and extreme that left wing is.

This in the same week the biggest story in national politics is James Dobson and his band of crazies threatening to go all Ralph Nader and cost the Republican Party a presidency.

But only the crazy, communist, hippie Democrats are beholden to extremists.


Rusty said...

Makes me think of this.

possum said...

Phil Kent is a public relations whore. So is Jeff Dickerson. Dick Williams has consciously assembled the worst talk show panel in America. If you look at his show -- the only major commercial public affairs TV show of its kind in the freaking state, then listen to the right-wing talk shows on the Atlanta stations, you realize that these guys bear a heavy responsibility for the spectacularly lackluster leadership Georgia now has. And it's a big problem, what with running out of water, having no coherent traffic plans in 2007, the price of gasoline going up and the housing market collapsing. There are a lot of major, life-changing problems on the horizon in Atlanta and Georgia and we are governed by right-wing idiots. And our commentators are right-wing idiots. Coincidence?