Friday, October 31, 2008

The Election - Flotsam and Jetsam

PSC District 4 - I have been asked why I have not made an endorsement in the PSC. Easy answer. I honestly didn't know if Jim Powell would even remain on the ballor. Now that the mess is finally cleaned up...

In the only PSC race that matters (just vote libertarian in the other opposed one), you get to choose between a man who has lived a greased palmed career of politics and a political neophyte who has lived a career studying energy policy.

Easy choice.

VOTE Jim Powell

Court of Appeals - Clown car alert! There are 6? 7? 8? God I don't know how many people running for this office? We're going to have a runoff, so we'll get more detailed at that time. For the moment, just pick a horse to get to the next race.

VOTE Michael Meyer von Bremen or Chris McFadden. MvB is my personal choice.

Dekalb Referendum to Limit the powers of the CEO - And the final stinkbomb of the Vernon Jones era explodes. The CEO is a benevolent dictator but despite the eccenticities of some of the maniacs holding the office, it's always worked. Now, they want to rein in that power. The concessions asked for are reasonable and even incoming CEO Burrell Ellis agrees with the measure. And I'm tired of trying to make the "trains run on time" argument.

VOTE Yes to limit the Dekalb CEO's power

There are hundreds of other ballot thingies out there. Use this weekend to research your own local issues. And if you stumble across some arcane fever dream that only a politician could birth, your default position should always be NO.

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