Monday, March 16, 2009

Buy The Ticket

Take the ride.

Atlmalcontent and I are having an interesting "conversation" at his place about "future of journalism blah blah blah". Does some of it seem familiar? Nah. Not at all.


Sara said...

You know whose voice I want to hear in this neverending battle? The reader/customer. It's always the J-school media types vs. you dirty uneducated bloggers, and you both take the expected positions given the stake you have in the fight. But in order to figure out where media needs to be headed, we don't need to hear from the dinosaurs trying to save their jobs, or the young upstarts trying to take them. We need to hear from the people who will be consuming whatever the new mutant media model will be putting forth.

The one thing I think Mr. Malcontent cannot argue with is that the consumer has been moving away from big media in general and the AJC in particular for awhile now. What do they want in its place, and want enough that they will either pay for it or generate the kind of product loyalty that supports ad revenue? That is the real question.

Anonymous said...

Since I always like to couch using new media in the analogy of asymmetric warfare, I would like ATLMalconent to contemplate his question as, "Can a bunch of kooks riding camels through mountain passes really do the damage of 1,000 well-trained disciplined professional soldiers?" As we've all been taught now: they only have to be successful once to be taken seriously. You pointed out in a comment on his site that none of us on this side of the fence are saying bloggers can replace "pro" journalists entirely, but he seems to be denying that the freakniks can never do his job in any sense. Hey, we can't always do it, but every once in a while we can -- and probably in a way they never could. Freakin' journoterr'rists.

Lucid Idiocy said...

Just boil this down for me, man.

Am I fucked or not?

Unknown said...

Lucid - maybe... or probably