Tuesday, March 24, 2009

They're Here

And another former journalist's site pops up.

Atlanta Unsheltered

The former journos seem to be into this Un thing.

While pondering Jim Walls new place this morning I came up with an answer to the eternal questiton that is always snarled in our face - "What are you going to link to when newspapers are gone?"

We'll link to each other and the content will grow. And the them is rapidly becoming us. And that's a good thing.


Unknown said...

I like both sites, but prefer Ken's.

Unfortunately similar titles may result in some confusion, but they are both welcome additions.

Anonymous said...

So I was looking at some of the unfilteredness and saw several candidates with multiple, in-kind contributions for odd dollar amounts (like $177.57) from "Wholesale Distributors for Good Government"

Strange. Office supplies, maybe? Nope.

Google is my friend. It turns out that WDGG is a PAC for GA booze wholesalers. Whee! Keep those contributions flowing, boys!

Their filing with the IRS:

Anonymous said...

It's all well and good, and I'll be following both of them.

But the fact remains, they used to get paid for doing this, and now they essentially don't. So we'll see.

Anonymous said...

The us. vs. them isn't bloggers vs. print, but people who practice journalism vs. those who don't. good journalism. It's not format, but content that matters.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typos, it's been a hectic day.

griftdrift said...

"It's not format, but content that matters."

Gosh. I wonder where I've heard that before.


Go to 55:20

Anonymous said...

I'll refrain from trying to engage you guys because every time I do I get some sort of smart ass reply.

By the way, Grayson is up her old outing tricks again:


griftdrift said...

Did you even listen to the clip?

griftdrift said...

You know what? I'll save you the time and just give you the quote.

This is from an APC panel on Eletronic Media Affecting Politics on 2-9-08.

The following is my response to an APC member asking how they should judge "new media" providers for membership and potential awards.

"I think I have a very simple answer for you and without getting into another semantics debate about journalism. The simple answer is apply the same standards to us that you do yourself. The way that you tell the difference between someone that is really doing a good job is they are following the same journalistic standards that they may not have even been trained in. But if they are following the same standards about sourcing and about avoiding libel and everything that every everyday staff writer at the AJC or Creative Loafing or where ever follows, then yeah, I would consider them. There's a lot of people that don't...the big thing that we say in our little world is judge us by our content - not the medium."