Thursday, March 19, 2009

Excerpts, Endings and Beginnings

I appreciate ATLMalcontent's stepping back.

But I want to add my own denouement. Isn't it just like a blogger to want the last word?

I want to explain why I am so bothered by this.

If you really think bloggers can do just as good a job as, for instance, the AJC, then there’s nothing to discuss. It’s a pretty arrogant — and insulting — conclusion to reach.
What I've said in the past.

Some Media Stuff 2-9-09:

I don't know if papers will survive. I know the news will survive and I know writing will survive. And although it's going to be tough and it's going to hurt at times, someone's going to find a way to make this work...Someone always does.

The Whimpers Of Dinosaurs 12-30-08:

I believe there is a place for people trained in the craft. They do have a skill set which provides value, particularly as you say in investigative journalism. When I talk about this to people I usually use the term parallel track. Both can
exists and both can add value.
A Blogger Answers A Few Questions 6-8-07:

A blogger's editor is the blog's community and the larger blogosphere. If you get something wrong, you will hear the screams of indignation immediately. It's a self correcting system. The days of someone presenting utter lies and fabrication are mostly in the past. In plain language, if we screw up, there are hundreds of other predators in the internet sea who will gleefully rend at our flesh.
Is citizen journalism possible?...Yes. But like most anything, it is easy to do but very difficult to do well. Journalism is a craft and those trained in the craft must do it well every single time. Bloggers, excluding journalist bloggers of course, are not usually trained in that craft. But that does not mean they cannot report compelling content and report it well.
Now. By God, it is time to move on. There's too much work to be done in the new world.

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griftdrift said...

Grayson, I deleted your comment. I don't condone outing someone over a personal feud. You are talking about possibly affecting livelihoods and I want no part of that. You and I may disagree on this issue but I ask you to respect my place. Please refrain in the future.