Friday, March 27, 2009

My Morning Wooten

It's been a long time but some things shall not pass.
It’s our fault. Global warming. 9/11. Drug wars in Mexico. Our “insatiable” appetite for illegal drugs and the drug cartels’ access to our guns make us “co-responsible” for Mexico’s problem, says Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Soon we must organize the Apologize for America World Tour for the Obama administration
Or we could legalize pot.

Speaking of small government conservatives and sin.
Speak kindly of the dead. So, taking my cue from a Sunday headline that says “Gambling is latest hope for a revival” of Underground Atlanta, I offer my condolences. If gambling’s the cure, the undertaker’s carriage awaits.
So, a private company wants to take over portions of a poorly run, government subsidized entertainment district and Jim objects. Yep, that's good ol' fashioned small government conservatism.
Georgia House Democrats could easily have fashioned a resolution praising President Barack Obama and making him an honorary member of the Legislative Black Caucus. But, of course, they had to include language that praised themselves and invited Republicans to endorse his “unimpeachable reputation for integrity [and] vision” and to declare that “no one could be more worthy of special honor and recognition by members of this body.” I wouldn’t sign on to that. Nor would those who offered it if the object of praise was George W. Bush. It’s an unserious partisan game in a serious time.
Since the next to last sentence is categorically untrue, maybe it's time to fire off another email to AJC public editor Matt Kempner. But I have ask myself once again, why waste the time?



Jen said...

Can we have a podcast were talk about legalizing pot, loosening seatbelt laws and allowing people to have poker games?

And helmet laws.

Rusty said...

I vote for a podcast where we smoke pot, gamble, and drive around without our seatbelts on.

Icarus said...

I like Rusty's idea better, but if we're going to do all three at the same time, the safest place for the podcast may be circling Krystal's drive thru.

Pokerista said...

If you are going to try Rusty's idea, I do recommend a helmet for each participant.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Rusty. Except for the gambling and driving.

Unknown said...

I want to party with Rusty.

Why stop at pot? I say legalize it all and sell it at convenience stores. We can put it right next to another highly addictive and deadly drug already sold at the checkout.