Monday, March 23, 2009

Gonzo Lawmakers - Day 34

A daily recap of the Georgia Public Broadcasting show "Lawmakers". The show airs weekdays at 7:00pm with a replay at 5:30am the following weekday.

Day 34

* Oh Lawmakers! I have not forsaken you. End of the week means mostly rehashing. So except for the stupid Obama resolution and the always advocating local control Republicans attempting to pirate the airport, I doubt we'll hear much on this one. So we're going to have a short Gonzo. Just the tastiest bits.

* No Obama resolution. Instead, restitution for some poor bastard who was incorrectly incarcerated. Lawmaker's beast tape machine eats another story! They bravely try again. The beast will not be quelled! This could be a long show.

* Into the face of the beast again! It seems calmer now. I hope the control room isn't too bloody.

* Earnest Dan Weber. Hands clasped on prodigious knee this time.

* Dave had a little camera whiplash there. Open the pod bay doors, HAL. I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.

* By the way there's a bunch of stuff happening in the Senate while I am mesmerized by cannibal tape machines and frenetic cameras. Tax credits, S-Corps, blah blah blah.

* Sen John Wiles wants to outlaw "novelty" IDs. The GBI requested this because when the flea market peddlers aren't using acetone to make meth, they are using it to erase the "novelty" off the dastardly little passports to pleasure. I feel so much safer.

* Leadership Interview - Sen. Tommie Williams, President Pro Tem. I suppose I should pay attention since he's Wilson's BFF. Of course, they're talking about the budget. Let's see. It's bad. Moving on.

* Legislative score card. Time for the slide show with vaguely Phillip Glass style music. Thank god it's 2:00am and I' know. Suddenly, I'm nostalgic for Jan Cox and the New Intelligence.

* Tom Crawford Time!

* Finally, the Obama resolution. Dubose Porter's speaking about it and you can hear a pin drop. If the stump jumping, peckerwood, neo-Confederate response tickles your curiousity travel over to the House of Mirrors. Have your acetone-laced "novelty" IDs and meth-perfurmed hankies close by. Handi-wipes will be available upon egress.

* And we're done. That's a wrap.


Anonymous said...

Overheard on the House floor when the Speaker tried to lock out the Black caucus when they walked off the floor.

"Sharon Beasley-Teague- you can't lock us out-this ain't the plantation"

Oh snap.

~the funny part was, half were locked out and half were locked in..

Anonymous said...

Bonus points on the 2001: A Space Odyssey reference. That cracked me up.

Nothing is obscure on the interwebs!