Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gonzo Lawmakers - Day 38

A daily recap of the Georgia Public Broadcasting show "Lawmakers". The show airs weekdays at 7:00pm with a replay at 5:30am the following weekday.

Day 38

* We're in the last lap. The high is wearing off and the road is becoming a blur.

* I can no longer look at the Corey smoke stack without thinking of Dale Cardwell. And Andisheh Nouraee's ass.

* Straight to the live feed of the Senate still in session.

* Budget clears the Senate Appropriations Committee. And it appears Dave is flying solo. Where's Nwandi?

* There's Nwandi!

* Valerie's at Hogwarts talking about the transportation mess. Blur. All a blur.

* Tonight's taffic b-roll appears to be GA-400 with the North Springs MARTA station being built in the backgroud. Since that sucker was built years ago, I can only assume the production assistants are now playing videotape roulette.

* Whoa. The graphics just had a Law & Order THUNK sound effect. Maybe I'm not really watching. Maybe this is all some THC-induced singularity peek into an alternate universe.

* I think a frantically cell phone chatting Earnest Dan Weber just walked behind Valerie. We've reached unreality.

* A slew of amendments for sunday alcohol sales. Bottom line is it still it ain't happening. Which means I still owe Decaturguy.

* HB 280 (give math and science teachers more money) finally passed. At least something happened today.

* Earnest Dan Weber sans cell phone. Tiana called him Don. Adelman questioning. It's like a geek-off in the Senate!

* Brittany's in studio. She's been on a lot of field trips lately. More Dan Weber! It's Earnest day at the Captiol. Actually they are dealing with a lot of education issues which is his specialty.

* Mike Jacobs! YDG storms the castle!

* The clips are flying furiously now. I can't keep up. Now Emily's at Hogwarts talking about property appraisals. Only quaaludes can bring sense to this whirlwind of political spew.

* Chip Rogers hair is getting taller. Everything is stretching. The singularity is warping everything out of shape.

* The House killed the Senate bill allowing the selling of liquor near public housing.

* We approved a ban on the sanctuary cities that don't exist.

* The Drivers License test is still 20 questions? Only 20 questions and you can drive two tons of steel at high speed?! And our only concern is making sure it's printed in English?

* Get ready for Uncle Bobby's Crazy Town! Franklin required every house resolution read, only so he could point out how they are all unconstitutional. He points out that's treason! Oh, if only he had pulled pistols and gone Yosemite Sam.

* Where did the time go? The shows over? I'm going to start chugging Ny-Quil before viewing. No show tomorrow. Plenty of time to stock up. That's a wrap.

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Chris Farris said...

And you didn't even mention the drama over sunday sales and massive government databases.