Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry = Idiot

It's pretty much across the board. From Democrats that are pissed off about having to defend garbage again to Republicans who are spinning with glee. About the only people who aren't ready to ride John Kerry out on a rail are the left activists who seem to follow the mantra defend Democrats at any costs. For my part? Kerry is an idiot. And it really comes down to one thing. In 2004, he couldn't beat the equivalent of a gibbering moron. Everything since is his fault. He should pull a Gary Hart and slink off into obscurity. Or at least shut the eff up.

A cross section:

Local Democrats
The Moderates
The rabid right

Ugh. You know what? Even if somewhere in my heart I could find room to forgive Kerry for being an idiot, I could never forgive him for giving Malkin such a gift.

UPDATE: Brendan Nyhan has a good take on the joke aspect of the remarks. Okay, given the context, I get it now. It doesn't make it any less stupid or Kerry any less a poor politician. A lot of people I know have been quietly humming the mantra, "how will the Dems screw all this up". Well.....

UPDATE II: Kerry apologized earlier today on the Imus show. Now he has issued a formal apology and you can read it here. Joe, has a couple of good points. The apology cuts off the effectiveness of the current Republican attack and also keeps the Iraq issue in play. Don't think it wasn't noticed that the President had to muddy himself in leading the attack on a relatively minor gaffe. None of this changes my mind that Kerry is an idjit and should still vamoose!


Button Gwinnett said...

I just don't care for Sen. Kerry. He wasn't the easiest guy to support in 2004. And he's impossible to support for 2008.

rusty said...

Yup. He needs to GO AWAY.

Blackjackk said...

OK so he boned the joke and apologized. Maybe a little too late.

Haven't heard Bush apologize yet for the entire war and dead soldiers. You can't tell me this guy who served more than honorably and has stood up for veterans time and again was really insulting the military. Sorry W and Rush, we're not that stoopid.

griftdrift said...

He's still an idjit

Anonymous said...

dude, i'm as lefty as they come, and i've *never* liked the guy. don't go maligning us left activists like that! --paula