Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hello? Is There Anybody In There?

You have got to be kidding me.
We have two vacancies for Henry County community bloggers. We'd like our bloggers to be residents of the area and to provide us with a new blog entry at least once a week. The blog would focus on topics of interest to the community — but you would decide what those interesting. subjects are.

Hmmmmm. Henry County bloggers who report on local events like community meetings and such? In a word, DUH.

Next the AJC will be searching for the ever elusive Doraville blog.


Unknown said...

I still touch on Henry, but I moved just barely across the county line, but there are guys still posting over at my blog that would be great choices.

Unknown said...

Oh...and I did apply for this when it was offered originally back earlier in the year. There wanted someone who was not controversial.

griftdrift said...


That's too rich!

Unknown said...

That's hilarious.

Amber Rhea said...


As for "not controversial"... that's rich. It makes me wonder what they think blogs are. "We want bloggers... as long as we get to tell them what they can and can't write."

Oh and it reminds me of how the AJC also says they want "fresh voices" and "different perspectives" in their op-ed section. As long as those voices aren't TOO fresh or TOO different, as we've learned.

possum said...

This is exactly what destroyed the journal constitution -- the fear of being controversial, except on the op-ed page where they employ a dimwit like jim wooten. the ajc managers are deathly afraid of offending a Christian or a conservative in the suburbs. they still believe they are going to get people who already HATE the paper to subscribe to it because it's not controversial. These are seriously stupid, cowardly people.

possum said...

Hey, Andisheh, I saw a comment on your blog suggesting Ben Eason of Creative Loafing buy the Braves! What do you say? If he can afford those papers in Chicago and Washington, he can certainly afford the Braves. They don't even win anymore!

You could take Skip Caray's place! I still miss hearing you on Air Atlanta. You were the greatest! Ben Eason should have sponsored that!

Unknown said...


The reason they are searching for bloggers is because the two they had before quit because of excessive editing.