Monday, July 14, 2008

The Endorsements

A reminder of how things work. If it receives an endorsement it means I would vote in that manner. Issues and candidates are viewed through a prism of moderate sensabilities with a bent towards libertarian ideology. Most importantly, the Mule Rule will be generously employed.

Since it's a partisan primary with so few administrative positions or incumbents, the hitching post will likely be spared.

Now, let the blood flow.

Democratic Senate Primary - Vote Josh Lanier. Once the realization you are voting for a sacrificial lamb sinks in, the only rational process is to vote your conscience, your gut or just throw some random limb in the air and see which way it flops. So, let's see what we got. Three way. Cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Underseasoned arrogance. Sweet but dull. And Kinky Friedman. Weird is as weird does. Kinky gets my lever pull.

Dekalb CEO Democratic Primary - Vote Burrell Ellis. There's no Republican opposition so this one's for the whole ball of wax. The bad news is Burrell (it just rolls off the tongue) will likely let the bar hours rollback happen. The good news is he actually shows up to things and he's not Vernon Jones. Stan Watson is an interesting candidate but given the importance of this race and the lack of enthusiasm among the electorate, his penchant for not showing up to the debates is disturbing. Stan, we hardly knew ye. Ann Kimbrough is Vernon Jones Chief of Staff and has the keys to his political machine. Enough said. Ellis despite our differences on the critical issue of the late night drink knows the commission, knows the commissioners and knows how the county runs. Oh well, I guess the Mule Rule is kind of in effect.

10th District Republican Primary - Vote Paul Broun. Jesus. All Jesus, all the time. How Republican is the 10th? The two candidates actually debated over who loved Jesus more. Sources say Jesus was busy elsewhere. Paul Broun is a weird dude. On the one hand he votes for medical marijuana and with the other tries to get Playboy banned on military bases. Well, at least with the Maui Wowey vote he shows a whimper of supporting the individual. Unlike his opponent. So, pull for the strange Doctor from Oconee. Noseplugs will be handed out at the door.

5th District Democratic Primary - Vote John Lewis. If you don't, you are insane.

12th District Democratic Primary - Vote John Barrow. Once I inquired to an insider Democrat on the primary challenges to Barrow and Marsall. The response was "we just want to push him a little". I warned "be careful you don't push him right over to an R". The clincher in this race was a comment at Blog For Democracy stating John Barrow "is one of the most extreme right members of the Congress (in a moderate district)". Okaaaaaaaay. Actually, John Barrow is a moderately conservative Democrat in a moderately conservative district who still votes with his party the vast majority of the time. This vote should favor reality. Always a positive in these parts.

House District 80 Democratic Primary - Vote Keith Gross. Oh wait. Nevermind.

House District 81 Democratic Primary - Vote Chris Huttman. Republican Jill Chambers, even with her district trending Democrat, even with fellow Republicans boiling about her opposition to Dunwoody, will not be beat. However, Huttman gives them a puncher's chance. Besides, anytime some yammering blogger (possibly under the effects of chemicals) begins ranting about this and that, Huttman usually stops by to provide a comfortable straight jacket of facts. We got to support our own, right?

City of Dunwoody - Vote for incorporation. Yes, yes, I know. I've been one of the screaming in the winds prophets against the continued breaking of the Atlanta hegemony. And yes, I understand that the "citizens" of Dunwoody are so caught up in the euphoria of citifying, they don't really understand the risks and the costs of this venture. But the bottom line is Dunwoody, unlike the Frankenstein chimeras of Johns Creek and Milton, actually acts like a city. It has a paper (granted a certain bow-tied Napolean editor will probably profit from newly required legal notices). It argubly has a city core. It has an identity. So, let them have their new set of tinker toys. Later when one gets jammed up a nostril, we can all laugh at the crying.

Did I forget any? There are a shocking number of important elections tomorrow, yet sadly only 30% will vote. Don't be part of the ignorant 70%.


rptrcub said...

I hate to say this, and be completely shallow, but if the Dems are going to offer a sacrifice in the Senate race, I'm choosing the prettiest: Rand Knight. And that's all I have to choose from besides PSC up here in Kennessee.

Blair said...

Thanks for your insightful endorsements. I'm a send over from Kos, and I'm happy to have found you.

MTHEORY said...

Ahh, the coveted GriftDrift endorsements. If you'll start making them earlier in the process, you'll be even more powerful than you already are!

Never saw that Dunwoody one coming though. I'll link to it -and drive your traffic report up by one!

griftdrift said...

M. I like to keep 'em guessing. ;)