Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Signs? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Signs!

There are various reports of poll signs still saying PSC candidate Jim Powell is still disqualified despite a judges stay.
Public Service Commission candidate Jim Powell says voters from all over the state are telling him signs noting he was disqualified and votes for him would not be counted were still hanging at the polls as late as 1 p.m. today — almost a full day after a judge told Secretary of State Karen Handel she could not boot him off the ballot.

Just to make the already perverse step a little further on the wild side there are also reports of polling places with absolutely disqualified state Sen. District 36 candidate Eric Underwood on the ballot but with no clarifying signs.

When I endorsed Sec. Handel in 2006, the prime reason was my belief in her administrative abilities. Despite my "defense" of Handel in the Powell affair, I believe this chaos caused by the Secretary's last minute decision to disqualify several candidates requires explanation. Otherwise, all those recent whispers of higher office may wisp away on lost zephyrs.

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Pokerista said...

Admittedly I didn't scour Inman Middle School's gym looking high and low for signs about disqualification (before someone says it was posted somewhere obscure but I just missed it), but I paid moderate attention to any claerly posted signs as I went through the process. I did not see any about Erik Underwood being disqualified. He was still on the computerized ballot.