Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Media Navel Gazing

It's becoming a tradition for those in the traditional media to confess, self-analyze and sometimes self-immolate.

Travis Fain of the Macon Telegraph and the blog Lucid Idiocy is the latest to dip into the murky waters of the apparent downward spiral of print journalism.

I will grant Travis one thing. Even though he can't resist a poke (Bloggerguy09?Really?), he also asks some hard questions of his own industry and their disappearing readers.

Check it out and give him thoughts.

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B King said...

He has a real point when he says, "Be careful whose throat you help slit." As a blogger, I really depend on the AJC to cover stuff. I've got, y'know, other shit to do. Job, school, etc. And unless you are Josh Marshall, blogging is a very reactive medium.

I basically write mini-editorials, so I need the AJC to generate news for me to bitch about. So for all the complaining I do about them, I really want them to do better.