Monday, July 21, 2008

My Morning.....Er Late Monday Wooten

Guess I'm a little late.

Let's see what Jim's up to. Maybe some talking points?

Democrats, divided for months over whether to offer the first black or the first woman for president, have a solution to their dilemma. The Green Party has chosen Cynthia McKinney.
Yes, yes. The Democratic Party has as much to do with the Greens as the Republican Party has to do with the Birchers. (I could have been far more tasteless here but the hate wasn't in my heart today)
Dang. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki turns out to be a Nancy Pelosi Democrat. The clue is in the headline: “Iraq handing out cash to citizens on the streets.” She’s proposing another round of “stimulus” rebates to add to the deficit since the first one worked so well.
Ahhhhhh, remember those halcyon days of yore, filled with purple fingers, when Maliki was "our guy"? Then he had to go start agreeing with Obama. Tut-tut.

The ball’s in your court, Congress. Both the president and Congress have to act to lift the ban on expanded offshore exploration. Bush did. Thanks. And it may or may not be a coincidence that the price of oil dropped $6.44 a barrel the next day. When buyers —- or speculators, as Democrats prefer to call them —- think we’re serious about doing something, they’ll react in anticipation. It’s now up to Congress to follow suit.
Might be a coincidence because it is. Shall we apply the razor? Could it be the oil speculation bubble finally hit its peak and bursts or because the least liked President since, well, forever, says he wants to drill in a place where we don't know exactly how much oil exists, we don't currently have the rigs to find it and even if that falls into place, it would not affect supply for at least ten years. I'll let you make the call.

Comparing the Gwinnett straw poll today on MARTA to the referendum nearly 40 years ago is meaningless. Different county, different people. Once again in unison: Dirt’s permanent, people aren’t. Which is why it’s foolish to assign personality traits or values to place. I hate it when those in neighboring counties to the south speak of my county, Cobb, based on the stereotypes of yesteryear. Same with Gwinnett.
Well, if you stop doing silly things like putting ridiculous creationist's stickers in Biology books ( which happened only three years ago, not forty), we promise to stop pointing them out!

Good thing for Jim I took the weekend off. With no hate in my heart, I may have let him up easy.


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