Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gonzo Primary

Reporting plausibly live from Manuel's Tavern. No notebook. It would be a dead giveaway, the room is full of Democrats and they are feeling bloody. Random notes on the fly. Anonymity is the only protection for the faded and jaded. But onward we must go.

*"I don't know anyone in that room" "You have to wait until the polls close, all the young uns are still out working the field"

*"I think we were talking about smacking Matt around when his business partner Chuck walked by"

*"Steve Davis will trounce his opponent" "It's 51-49" Silence

*"After watching many elections I've learned there are few surprises" "What about Paul Broun and Roy Barnes?" "I'll give you Paul Broun"

*Sen. Nan Orrock seen chatting with former 10th District Candidate James Marlow asking what his next move is and upon seeing a shady blogger nearby hurrying off to a dark corner.

*" Don't worry, it's only Satan. The son of Satan isn't with him."

*"You tipped her too much. You think she's cute!"

*Allen Buckley supporters bumrush the 11Alive live set and get on the 11:00pm newscast. Unfamiliarity with the seven second delay causes much shuffling and frustration. Democrats strangely amused.

*Rev. Lowery is still a sweetheart but its difficult watching legends grow old.

*No fights. No orgies. No dice.



Sara said...

My favorite 2 lines of the night:

1. "Want to come over on Thursday, get high and watch Doonesbury?"


2. "If I found out Obama had called his wife a c*nt, he'd lose my vote."

Anonymous said...

Hey! I was one of those quotes!