Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Senate Debate Live Blogging

In case you haven't heard (and you probably haven't) there's a debate tonight between Democratic Senate candidates Vernon Jones and Jim Martin.

Fellow traveler in the weird underbelly of Atlanta, Thomas Wheatley will live blog it for the Loaf.

Scribe from the hinterlands and occasional foil, Blake Aued will live blog it for the Athens Banner Herald.

As for me? I can no longer stand the grunts of those seeking access to the trough. I'll be drinking cheap beer and listening to Toby Keith.


Anonymous said...

That Wheatley guy stole my drinking game idea.

That's all right. Mine will be better.

Beer for my Snuggles ...

thomaspatrickwheatley said...

We've been hitting up liveblog drinking games since Snuggles started cooking smores. Or is it s'mores?