Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Third Way

Sometimes, I think Jmac and I might have been separated at birth.
Now, listen to me carefully here, I'm not the kind of guy who's going to sit here and tell you that we shouldn't be drilling up in Alaska so we can save ar[c]tic animals or off our coasts because we'll pollute our oceans. While those issues do factor in my mind, it's also quite clear we have technology that can enable us to explore for oil in targeted areas in an environmentally responsible way...The problem, though, isn't totally over environmental or aesthetic concerns, but feasibility ones. There is sparse evidence to suggest there is ample supplies buried beneath the continental shelf to make an impact, and what is there would provide minimal, if any, immediate impact on $4-plus gallon gas ...
I'm a little more open to off-shore drilling if it would affect the speculator market but otherwise this is exactly my point of view.


decaturguy said...

The biggest reason not to drill in the Artic or offshore is because the prospect of it might drop the price of gas by 50 cents or so a gallon.

If that were to happen then the American public becomes a little more complacent about energy conservation and businesses become less inclined to invest in renewable energy resources.

When we don't find all the oil that we were expecting or it takes more than 10 years to come online, we'll be in a bigger mess than we began with.

And that is not even delving into the realistic environmental concerts.

griftdrift said...

This whole drill now thing is like having your arm cut off and someone telling you a bandaid will make things all better.

rptrcub said...

Asking the American people to sacrifice now for future benefit will result in political doom, because most Americans can't seem to think beyond the next day.