Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gonzo Lawmakers - Day 28

A daily recap of the Georgia Public Broadcasting show "Lawmakers". The show airs weekdays at 7:00pm with a replay at 5:30am the following weekday.

Day 28

A programming note. Due to lack of internet access, Gonzo Lawmakers will be absent for the next two days. Worry not, gentle readers, it will return some time early Thursday morning.

* It was a busy day down on the hill. Carpal tunnel here I come!

* Super Speeders - otherwise known as the Monroe County Revenue Generator. This one is so hot they immediately go to a live shot with Valerie. And we have a new position! But it's still on the balcony and still looks vaguely like Hogwarts. So the moniker sticks.

* The $200 fee is added on to local fees. Did not know that. That would more than sting. Shot of the downtown connector. They should have shown Ga-400 instead. That highway alone could probably generate a couple of million a year. Once you get north of Holcomb Bridge it turns into the Autobahn.

* The opponents don't like the funding route. It goes to the general fund instead of a dedicated appropriation such as trauma care. Part of the opposition is from Republicans. Governor Sonny ain't gonna like that! It passed and is now headed to the Senate.

* The Amended budget is headed to conference committee. No big surprise.

* Oh lord. The tax thing still ain't dead. Sen. Brown is complimenting Lt. Gov. Cagle on his leadership with the issue. Looks like everyone's back to playing nicey nicey. Steve Thompson (D-Yes He's Still A Democrat) took the moment to point out some tv station (not GPB!) said he was deliquent but he is not. And there's the devil that stirred this dust, Sen. Eric Johnson, sitting in the chamber grinning like a cheshire cat. Sen. Tommie Williams (R-Wilson's BFF) pleads for a little decorum in the future.

* Embryonic stem cells. This is area I fear to tread. A bill passed a Senate committee this morning which would prohibit the creation of those types of stem cells for research. Sen. David Adelman (D-Really Smart) wanted to table the bill for further study but that didn't work. Adelman has been involved in stem cell jousting in past sessions. The real fireworks will happen when this thing reaches the floor.

* Points of personal priveledge time. Sen. Chip Rogers defends school vouchers. The thing is still in committee so for now we'll move on.

* Time to talk about the half-ass casino in Underground. But why? The Lottery Commission already has the power to create this abomination. Oh, some Republican wants to ban gambling all together. Should have known. I take that back. He really wants the Legislature to approve or deny Atlanta's ability to put in the half-ass machines. Which means I wasn't really wrong in my first description.

* The Senate passed 16 bills. Here comes the rapid fire segment. Let's hope we get some hazing. Some technical thing about prisoners that passed 50-1. Earnest Dan Weber wants better education planning which has something to do with creating academies for something. I don't know what he's talking about. Thank god this segment is over.

* Minoo!

* Lots of education stuff today. Somebody left the vote bell ringing while poor Fran Millar talks up his pet education bill. The House chamber always looks like a kicked over ant hill.

* The House approved cost of living increases for state retirees. I have several friends who will be happy to hear this news. But anyone hired after July won't get any. Poor young 'uns.

* They are down to talking about adjustments to retirement funds. I know it's important! But lord knows it's boring.

* Land owner protection act. That means as long as I got it posted, if you come on my farm to hunt or fish and get yourself kilt, my liability is limited. Can I get a hell yeah! (They call it agri-tourism which always makes me giggle)

* Steve Davis wants to charge criminals some new fees but it appears the beast video player has eaten another tape. Oh well. I'm sure it was riveting footage.

* Rep. Len Walker is using a defendent removing his ankle bracelet in the parking lot of a Big Lots to encourage wider use of the monitoring devices. At least he was thrifty. Housing inmates costs $45 per day but the bracelets only cost $8 per day. Perhaps we can cut a deal with Big Lots and get it even lower!

* Alzheimer's Day. Nope. Not going there. But where's Alan Freedman and his sporty ties?

* More lottery news. No bonuses for the CEO unless certain marks are met. The lottery is getting little love today.

* Here's Alan Freedman! And he's got a real bill! They aren't making him eat peanut butter today! It's another one of the child abuse bills which have been winding there way through since Day 1. I'd like to take this opportunity to once again point out that if we really want to be at the forefront of child protection perhaps the House Children & Youth Committee shouldn't be relegated to a room which resembles the living room of a double-wide.

* Sen. John Douglas. He's been so boring lately. Wait a minute! He's picking on MARTA for alledgedly confiscating a gun which should have been permitted under the new concealed weapons law. And he's threatening to unleash open records requests on the dastardly agency! He's still not completely back, but at least he's warming up.

* Miss Georgia sang God Bless America for the House. Not much to say here but that's one helluva tiara.

* A reminder that Lawmakers will continue tomorrow but I will not. I'll be back on Thursday. Until then, that's a wrap.

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Wes said...

I'm using Spring Break to catch up on my Lawmakers (gotta clear some space on the DVR), and I just saw last night's clips on The Tax Thing.

I think Sen. Brown is playing the Lt. Gov. (who, as we all know, wants to move up to The Biggest Chair) against Sen. Johnson (who wants to move up to The Next Biggest Chair). Though not nearly on the same level, this could eventually lead to a situation like in the TN House earlier this year.

Well played, Sen. Brown.

Or perhaps I'm full of it. I'm perfectly willing to concede that point.