Monday, June 19, 2006

Internet Fruforal Watch Part Deux

Two in one night!

WARNING: Graphic sexuality discussions in links.

Oh me goodness gracious!

As a member of "the patriarchy", I would just say that most of the times when it happens all I can think of is, damn, I'm pretty freakin lucky today!

Actually, I would add one more thing.

Only a member of "teh patriarchy" would understand that when a member of "teh patriarchy" is in that position (and trust me it's always in some small part of our mind ) we are never, ever more freaking vulnerable.

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Amber Rhea said...

Actually being a member of "teh patriarchy" means being sexist/anti-feminist, not being male.

So I think you're clean.

But, at this point the term makes me rankle, anyway.

I will be writing more about this whole kerfluffle later. It might be quite graphic. Pre-emptively: Enjoy!