Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tony Snow - Ignorant, Lying or On Drugs?

It is the job of the White House press secretary to "frame" the administration's position on certain topics. With such an oily task comes a certain amount of dissembling.

But this takes the cake.

QUESTION: Is this [Supreme Court decision] a setback in terms of the
broader goal of this administration to expand executive authority?
don’t think it’s ever been the goal of the administration to expand executive

Now, VP Cheney in December 2005.

But I do think that to some extent now, we’ve been able to restore the
legitimate authority of the presidency.

It has been no secret to anyone that hasn't been kicked in the head by a mule that one of the goals of this administration is to retake the ground it believes the Executive branch lost in the post-Watergate era.

So Tony, what is it? Kicked in the head by a mule, straight ass lying or a really good baggie?

quotes via Think Progress

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