Thursday, June 22, 2006

Today's Luckovich Cartoon

In my opinion? Over the line.

I get what he is trying to say and I know editorial cartoonist have to be provocative. But comparing Americans to al-Qaida? Too far. Apples and oranges. And finally the bottom line is it's counter-productive. The reaction of the right wing will be as expected. But when you start turning the stomachs of the middle, you are no longer interested in reason or winning hearts and minds.

You can vote whether you like it here.

I voted no.


Ray said...

Do I "like" the cartoon? That's kind of a loaded question... Divorce yourself from emotion, however, and you must agee, that the cartoon is effective at presenting a point. And, isn't that the purpose of a political cartoon?

griftdrift said...

It is the point of a political cartoon and Mike is one of the best. But to me this one goes too far. Call it a gut reaction. I can't really explain it rationally, but it just feels wrong.

Anonymous said...

Polical cartoons will always feel wrong to some portion of the populace. I think it is impossible to instigate a reaction without it being negative in some folks.

Perhaps the reason it feels wrong is that it hits too close to home and therefore makes us uneasy. At least in my experience, comments completely off base have less of an impact that those just shy of or right on the mark.