Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh The Irony

It is delicious.

My own unscientific opinion is that Atlanta follows only Los Angeles (and maybe Houston) in its addiction to the automobile. Our orgy of single occupancy driving has led to one of the worst air qualities of any U.S. city. Summers are particularly bad. So far 11 days in June have warranted a smog alert with 6 of those days being designated unhealthy to sensitive groups (source: Georgia DNR).

So what is the MoveOn.org's idea for action to combat these issues?

Have a rally! Where you have to drive! During rush hour! To the busiest intersection in Atlanta!

We need to seize this moment to make sure the media and the public know that the
Republican addiction to oil money is keeping gas prices high and holding America
back from the clean energy future that we desperately need. ~From an email by MoveOn

Whoever dreamed up this idiocy should be fired toot sweet.

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Li Mortacci Tua said...

Heh heh, my ex husband used to work at the Windy Hill exit. It sucks. They should pick somewhere with less traffic like I-85 and North Druid Hills Road. Not.