Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Midday Quiz

Yankee or Rebel?

My results are far from shocking.

griftdrift = 100% Dixie. Is General Lee your grandfather?!


Richard Campbell said...

Somewhat more surprising:

"92% Dixie. Is General Lee your grandfather?!"

Blackjackk said...

57% Dixie. Barely in Dixie
Not surprising that some old habits die hard (Mischief Night particularly)

Sara said...

"83% Dixie. Do you still use Confederate money?"

I think it was my refusal say Coke instead of soda that kept it that low. At least I successfully resisted the Massachusetts influence on things like tonic, bubbler, etc.

Li Mortacci Tua said...

Firmly in Yankeeland. The sneakers question was a riot. All us NYers say sneakers, tennis shoes seems so metrosexual, even before there was such a word. BTW this quiz bit in the sense that it clearly distinguishes words used in the Northeast, NY & NJ from that bizarre patois you hear in Michigan and Ohio, yet the results lump both areas in as Yankees. There should be a 3rd group called Cheeseheads.