Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Katherine Harris Kool-Aid Moment

Okaaaaaay, just exactly what are they putting in the water coolers at the Harris headquarters.

“I’ve had Democrats in the House of Representatives come to me and say ‘You
know, we’d really like to take the majority in the U.S. Senate’ — these are
Florida Democrats in the U.S. Congress — ‘but you’ll do so much more for us if
you’re there. We hope you win,’” Harris told a crowd gathered at the Putnam
County Shrine Club.

I'm pretty sure the national party would sacrifice a potential senate majority to have the woman many of their constituents blame for Al Gore's 2000 loss take a seat in the Senate.

I really need to find out what they are smoking down Sarasota way.

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Sara said...

I wonder if she was totally misinterpreting Democrats who were actually just begging her to stay in the Senate race because they need Bill Nelson to win?