Thursday, June 22, 2006

Some Not So Final Thoughts On The Cup

It's a beautiful thing drinking a Guiness and eating eggs at 9:30 in the morning. Unfortunately, what the U.S. squad executed on the pitch was far from beautiful. Yeah, we got jobbed on a few calls but the fact is we did not play well and we got what we deserved. As much as I like Landon Donovan and Eddie Lewis, in the end we looked old and tired. My hopes are the federation moves towards youth for 2010.

Finally, I would implore my fellow Americans to not give up on this year's edition of the Cup. All too often the rest of the world is correct that once the American's are eliminated we simply turn elsewhere. Despite the glut of yellows, this has been a beautiful tourney so far. There are many interesting teams and many fascinating stories still to tell. So despite the boys not being there, continue to tune in American's. You just might find you like it.

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