Monday, June 12, 2006

Mel Martinez Endorses Charlie Crist: CORRECTION

Just heard on local radio that Florida Democrat U.S. Senator Mel Martinez has endorsed Republican gubenatorial candidate Charlie Crist. Martinez ratcheting up his independant cred in moderate state of Florida? Lack of faith in the campaigns of democrats Jim Davis and Rod Smith? No matter what, Charlie Crist has to be pretty happy this morning.

CORRECTION: Maritnez is a Republican. griftdrift is an idiot. I got Martinez confused with Katherine Harris opponent Bill Nelson. My only excuse is that Florida politics is so eternally weird that I can't keep it straight. The importance of the Martinez endorsement is two fold. It gives Crist the endorsement of the most prominent national Florida Republican and it arguably gives him a leg up on the latino vote. Particularly in the south Florida Cuban community.


Sara said...

Mel Martinez is a Republican. Former member of the Bush Administration.

griftdrift said...

I corrected it. I got confused.