Monday, June 26, 2006

Rush Detained At Palm Beach Airport - Corrected

CBS 4 in West Palm Beach reports confirmation that Rush Limbaugh has been detained at PBI for possessing possible illegal drugs.

Seems like a good time to dig up this little chestnut.

he was a worthless shred of human debris. ~Rush Limbaugh on Kurt

Drug addiction is no laughing matter but sometimes it's hard to not say some people get what they deserve.

UPDATE: He hasn't been arrested just detained and then released. Okay, maybe griftdrift had a little wishful thinking on this one. He's still a gasbag, hypocrite that deserves to have someone shove a light stick up his rear while whispering sweetly in his ear that it's just a harmless frat prank.

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Sara said...

But if it's painkillers (like oxy), then it's totally different! It's like the respectable, decent addiction. Not down in the filth like those dirty hippie potheads and "underprivileged" crackwhores.