Monday, June 26, 2006

More On Kos

Hey! It's almost a requirement that when a blogstorm happens everyone must jump in the pool!

Remember a few months ago when I attended a Kos event here in Atlanta?

After familiarizing myself with Kos, I was a little surprised by his rather moderate stance on certain items. Particularly meta-strategies for getting democrats elected. Most of my reading up to that point indicated that he did not believe in mollifying the middle. In fact, among the Kossacks, I had always felt that a certain amount of disdain was thrown the way of the moderates.

In relating a story about Richard Morrison's 2004 run against Tom Delay, Kos surprised me by in essence saying that pro-choice groups had been wrong to abandon Morrison simply because he expressed a personal view opposing abortion.

Kos paraphrase: Single issues are not worth losing the whole game. Once we
are in power, things will be worked out.

Months later, Mark Warner appears to have been the belle of the ball at Kos' annual convention, YearlyKos. Mark Warner who wears the shining mantle of moderate like no other. Mark Warner who has personally expressed opposing abortion but also believes that the goverment shouldn't interfere. Mark Warner who hired Kos Crashing The Gates co-author Jerome Armstrong.

Kos appears in Atlanta surprising griftdrift with his talks of moderation. Mark Warner, the uber-moderate, makes a prominent appearance at YearlyKos. Jerome Armstrong is hired by Mark Warner. Rumors of pay for play swirl on the internets.

I know it's thin but....

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