Thursday, October 19, 2006

Georgia Amendment II

Georgia voters will be voting on several constitutional amendments in two weeks. One that particularly interest me is Amendment II.

Fishing and hunting. The tradition of fishing and hunting and the taking of fish and wildlife shall be preserved for the people and shall be managed by law and regulation for the public good

As I ready myself to head to Bass Pro Shops to pick up my license and a couple of boxes of shells, I look to the heavens and thank all that is natural that the good legislators have taken the time to preserve my right to hunt and fish.

What a load of crap.

Anyone with any sense can see this is a stalking horse. There is absolutely no danger of hunting being restricted in Georgia. This amendment was nothing more than a blantant ploy to "git more hunters" to the polling place because of how that demographic swings.

I hate rewarding such a blatant piece of political garbage but the fact is there is nothing wrong with the amendment. I guess this is a whole hate the sin, love the sinner thing. I'll vote for it but there will be some vomit in the back of my mouth.

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