Monday, October 02, 2006

When Scientists Strike Back

I agree with the Shelbinator, this is exciting news.

Organizers of the group, Scientists and Engineers for America, said it would be nonpartisan, but in interviews several said Bush administration science policies had led them to act.
Scientists have been working in the grass roots for years fighting ignorance and failing science standards. It's rare they band together to present a coordinated defense. Generally, most would rather have a nail driven through their left eye than get into the political arena (unless they are fighting for funding of course). A notable exception has been the NCSE in the evolution battles.

Science education in this country teeters on the edge. We are slowly but surely being passed by China, South Korea and the Europeans. It must stop now and it is good to know there are new allies in this good fight.

P.S. They have kicked off a membership drive. If you have any interest in science and politics, I encourage you to visit their site and sign up.

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