Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Lies Of Sean Hannity

Yeah I tuned in yesterday. I wanted to see how the most unapologetic Republican apologist would handle the Foley affair. Would he use his mostest favoritest strategy? Why yes he would.


These are not exact quotes as I was driving.

"Clinton commuted the sentence of Mel Reynolds, a convicted sex offender, where was the outrage then?"

In 1995, Congressman Mel Reynolds of Illinois was convicted on several charges related to sleeping with a 16 year old campaign volunteer. While serving his sentence he was subsequently convicted of bank fraud and sentenced on that charge. Reynolds served his sentence on the sexual assault charges and most of the sentence on the fraud charge. At this point then President Bill Clinton commuted the fraud sentence. Not the sexual assault sentence. If the sexual assault charge were the only thing still in play, Reynolds would have already been released.

Just enough truth to be plausible. But with just enough facts excised to make it myth. The genesis of a meme.

Kill memes while they are young. It is the only guarantee for complete eradication.

UPDATE: Oops! Even the "Old Grey Lady" fell for the meme. At least they issued a correction. Do you think Sean will do the same?

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