Sunday, October 08, 2006

Katherine Harris Continues The Lie

And Katherine Harris continues the St. Pete Times lie.

Harris noted those e-mails were not explicit and stressed that the St. Petersburg Times saw the same ones..."You all knew about it as well, and apparently it wasn't enough to go forward. I still find that creepy, but (not) sexually explicit," Harris said. "If any news organization knew about (lurid messages) and did not inform the authorities...then I hope they get prosecuted

It is quite apparent now the Republican representatives have their marching orders and they contain that old canard "blame the press". It is subtle, not a frontal attack but snapping at the flanks. It's a tactic that has worked in the past. Do not let it work this time.

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Sara said...

This is even worse than just blame the press, Harris is advocating prosecuting the press if they had the IMs and did not turn them over to authorities.

Since when can the press be prosecuted for not turning over evidence of possible past crimes, where there is no subpoena, court order, or even active criminal investigation?

She's a fucking whackjob. It scares me that she's ever had any sort of role in making or executing law.