Friday, October 20, 2006

It Had To Come Out Sooner Or Later

With all the storms involving sex in politics these days, there was no way this one could be kept secret much longer. An independent candidate in Florida is about to out Republican candidate for governor Charlie Crist as gay.

Anyone who follows Florida politics will tell you this is about the worst kept secret in the state. It's always been known that Crist was probably gay and frankly no one cared.

I have intentionally stayed away from this aspect of the Florida race because I keow it would be nothing but a 100% crap storm. It would have been easy to talk about this non-stop in an effort to make a "name" for myself. But that is the only purpose it would have served and that would have been wrong.

Some activists have implied that there is a version of Republican gay "stockholm syndrome". We could have an interesting argument on that point but it isn't going to happen in this post. Because that is in no way what Charlie Crist is about. Yes, he plays the conservative card but he also harms himself politically by very publicly snubbing organizations like Florida Family Policy Council.

A word of warning to Democrats who would make something of these revelations and possibly attempt to tag Crist with some sort of hypocrisy.

In the primary, religious right activists attempted a whisper campaign about Crist sexuality. It didn't work. Floridians just didn't give a damn.

And neither should anyone else.


Sara said...

As you know, I hate the idea of outing anyone for political gain, even in the name of exposing "hypocrisy." I don't agree with Charlie Crist on most issues but I would never have wished this on him even if it ends up getting his Democratic opponent elected. For the independent to use it, when the political advantage it will bring to him is negligible, is just sleazy. WHO CARES IF HE'S GAY. It's simply not relevant.

Hell, I consider it a bigger issue that he once "dated" Katherine Harris. Nobody who could ever touch that freak has the good sense to be elected to anything.

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